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About the Porsche Boxster

First sold in the US in 1997 the Porsche Boxster, also known as the 986 was a hit for Porsche. Named by combining the words "Boxer" and "Roadster", the Boxster would be its best selling vehicle until 2003. Featuring a rear mounted 2.5 liter flat six cylinder engine the Boxster pushed out 201 horsepower. It came with either a manual or tiptronic transmission. In 2001 the Boxster's engine was upgraded to 2.7 liters which made an extra 16hp. Porsche also introduced the new Boxster S the same year, which had a 250hp 3.2 liter engine.

The Boxster has remained ultimately the same over the years, but has evolved regularly over time. The first changes to the 986 took effect in 2003. The most prominent of which were to the lighting. Headlights lost their amber bases and tail lights also lost their amber in favor of clear. New wheel options were also added for 2003. Front bumper and rear bumper were made to look more aggressive. The rear plastic window was changed to glass. More upgrades continued on parts of the interior to improve function for Boxster owners. 2005 introduced the second generation of the Boxster, which was called the 987. It stayed true to the original design while updating nearly everything on the car. The most noticeable changes being re-shaped headlights, larger side ducts and larger wheel wells to accommodate optional 19" wheels. As for the interior it was which was completely updated from the seats to the vents. Again in 2009 the 987 had its headlights and tail lights among other parts redesigned. The third generation was introduced as the Boxster 981 in 2013 and  in 2014 the GTS version was added to the mix.

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