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About the Nissan 350z

Sold in the US from 2003-2009. The 350z(Z33) is a 2 door coupe that came as both a hardtop and convertible. It came with a VQ35DE from 2003-2006 pumping out 287 horsepower at 6200rpm and featuring a 6 speed and automatic transmission. From 2005-2006 a higher revving version of the VQ35 was added to the line up. Referred to as a REV UP, the engine produced 300 horsepower at 6400rpm. The REV UP only came accompanied with a newer CD009 manual transmission and can be found in lots of 2005 models and all 2006's. The CD009 was a solid replacement for the older manual transmissions found in the DE's. In 2007, Nissan revised the engine again and introduced it as the VQ35HR. Standing for "High Rev" and featuring dual intakes, the engine pushed to 306 horsepower at 6800 rpm. The HR was the only engine found in the 350z until its run ended in 2009, when the last convertibles from 2008 were sold.

The 350z came with several different packages during its run. The touring most notably featured leather seats and 18 inch wheels. The base came stock with 17 inch wheels and cloth interior. While the Track Edition came with cloth seats and Rays wheels to save on weight. The Track Edition also used better stopping power and came with gold Brembo brakes. Not to be confused with the Touring the Grand Touring only came as a convertible and featured Brembo brakes. Most 2003-2005 physically looked alike and had very similar interiors. In 2006 Nissan gave the Z car a facelift with a different front bumper, Bi-Xenon headlights, and LED tail lights. Also, the interior was upgraded with a blacker tone and a slightly more luxury feel. The only real body change in 2007 was the addition of a "Hump" on the hood to accommodate the larger HR engine.

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