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Acura MDX Used Car Parts

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About the Acura MDX

The Acura MDX is a luxury SUV with 4 wheel drive and, since 2003, has used a 5-speed transmission system. It features three-row seating for 7 passengers. The Acura MDX model has thus far consisted of three separate design generations. The first generation Acura MDX was sold and manufactured between 2000-2006. It’s a four wheel drive vehicle that uses only two wheels during standard driving.

The second generation Acura MDX (manufactured between 2007-2013) changed the overall design of the vehicle by adding a wider wheel base and wider body frame. Car parts were also changed to fit with these updates. It features a V6 engine, with nearly 300 horsepower, and comes with leather interior, sliding moonroof, and updated and advanced low beam headlights. The second generation Acura MDX had three separate selling packages with the following additions: The Technology Package has on board XM satellite radio, a built in DVD player, and a GPS system in the front console of the vehicle, along with a rearview camera. The Sport Package has an improved suspension package with both a comfort mode and a sport mode. The Entertainment Package features everything included in both the Sport package and Technology package plus two LCD screens.

The third generation Acura MDX was introduced in 2014. It has a direct injected V6 engine and features a sleeker and slimmer exterior design and changes to the transmission and interior front console screen and buttons. This is also the first model of MDX to allow for front wheel-drive only.

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