A Solutions Auto Parts Chicago Heights IL 60411

  • About

    A Solutions Auto Parts Inc is an automotive dismantler specializing in Japanese sports cars. We are one of the largest Japanese sports car dismantlers in the entire Midwest. We have over 10 years of experience in dismantling and recycling used car parts. We specialize in Honda S2000’s, Nissan 350Z/370Z, Infiniti G35/G37, Mazda MS3’s/MS6’s, Mitsubishi EVO’s, K-series, Nissan GTR’s and a few other sports cars. We sell quality used OEM and aftermarket parts, power trains, body panels, wheels, etc. Our mission is to provide car enthusiasts with the highest quality of used OEM and aftermarket parts at an affordable price.

  • Return Policy

    Notice, it is completely the buyers responsibility to make sure an item will work for their application prior to purchase. Any replacement refused under warranty will be treated as a return. NOTE:All non-defective returns are for store credit only and are subject to the following conditions: 1.) The part(s) bears authentic A Solutions Auto Parts markings which appear on all our merchandise. 2.) The part(s) have not been used for non-OEM application including but not limited to; off road use, racing use, swaps, or anything that is different from the original manufacturers intended use. 3.) The part(s) have not been altered, modified, diassembled, overheated or damaged. 4.) The customer has their original invoice. 5.) Absolutely NO returns after 30 days of receiving the item, unless specified otherwise. 6.) Non-defective parts are subject to a 20% restocking fee and are good for in store credit only. Buyer is also responsible for shipping both ways. To initiate a return please email us. CANCELLATIONS: Once item is paid for but not picked up within 10 business days, the buyer agrees to a cancellation fee of 20% with a cap of $200. Non-Defective Exchanges 1.) Exchanges at A Solutions Auto Parts are allowed 14 days from the Invoice Time Stamp. 2.) Non-defective exchanges are subject to a 20% re-stocking fee. 3.) Customers are responsible for delivering or shipping the non-defective items back to A Solutions Auto Parts. 4.) Exchanges are limited to "alike" parts (meaning the same make/model vehicle and part type) 5.) Exchanges are non-transferable and left-over credit for the part is not allowed for shipping costs. 6.) Store Credit will be provided for any funds still available after the return. 7.) Store credit can only be used towards our available "USED" inventory. 8.) We require your invoice and contact information in the package you are returning

  • Warranty Info

    .Items purchased from us will either come with no warranty, 14 Day, 30 Day or a 45 Day warranty. Each item will have a specified warranty period, unless mentioned otherwise. If it has no warranty info, then it has NO WARRANTY. Engines are 100% guaranteed to start and are backed by our 45 Day Start-up Warranty against defective internals on the head and block only, unless it is mentioned otherwise in the description. Startup warranty means you have a limited amount of time to install and test the item while under warranty. Once the item is installed, if there is any sort of issue, it needs to be brought to our attention right away to not VOID the Warranty. Our parts are stamped, any signs of removal or break down of item VOIDS warranty. Please view all pictures and read our terms of sale before purchasing our products. These parts only fit the specified VIN Number year make and model provided. Do not buy this part if you have not contacted your local dealer to confirm it works in your car. External accessories are not covered under any type of warranty, if they are included, it is only out of convenience for the buyer. Rotary engines are also not covered under any type of warranty. Body parts & SRS components are also NOT COVERED under warranty. Shipping charges are NOT covered under warranty. Under no circumstance will we reimburse for lost labor costs. Transmissions are backed by our 45 day start-up warranty against defective internals of the transmission itself. Flywheels, clutches, torque converters, starters and sensors are NOT COVERED under warranty. Please keep in mind we warranty our products for what they are and not how it was maintained once it has been sold. We do our best to avoid selling and shipping defective parts, but if there is a problem with an order, please contact us and we will take care of the problem at hand. Please be aware that as the buyer, you are REQUIRED to review provided pictures and descriptions for any items that we have listed for sale!! ​​​​​​​We strongly encourage that all installation be performed by a ASE certified technician at a licensed facility and that you keep your receipt as proof of installation. If not installed by a ASE certified technician, it will void warranty.